Part x1680px17
Design ID: x1680px17
Introduced: 2006
Similar: Orange Lime

Part x1680px17 is a part released in 2006. It was used as a disc that fired out of a mechanism, and was used in both Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Exo Force themes. It was available in two colours being both bright yellowish green and bright red.


Bright yellowish green:

  • 10 in 7706 - Mobile Defense Tank (2006)
  • 10 in 7713 - Bridge Walker and White Lightning (2006)
  • 6 in 7697 - MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush (2007)

Bright red:

  • 10 in 7707 - Striking Venom (2006)
  • 10 in 8104 - Shadow Crawler (2007)
  • 8 in 3828 - Air Temple (2006)

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