Part x1942
Design ID: x1942
Introduced: 2008
Similar: Grey2
Appearances: 4 in 7676 - Republic Gunship (2008)
(?)- 2520 Ninjago Battle Arena (2011)

Part x1942 is a piece exclusive to both Star Wars and Ninjago themes, and was first introduced in 2008. The part depicts that of a Asajj Ventress' lightsaber even featuring it's unique curved design. The piece has appeared in two sets so far. Although it was imitating Asajj ventress's lightsaber it has also appeared in Ninajgo sets as a weapon other than a lightsaber.


Medium stone grey:

  • 4 in 7676 - Republic Gunship (2008)
  • (?)- 2520 Ninjago Battle Arena (2011)

External LinksEdit

Part x1942 at Peeron

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